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NF provides a wide range of services such as storage, handling, billing, delivery including specific services for clinical trials.

Romanian National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices authorized Nova Farm - Market Authorization no. 25 D /16.02.2011:
• Purchase
• Sale
• Custody
• Handling human drugs
• Logistic services

Import, distribution

NOVA FARM fully complying activity rules of good distribution practice for staff, facilities, storage conditions, batch traceability, operating under standard operating procedures, permanently updated.

Product categories:
• Ethical drugs;
• OTC;
• Biological drugs;
• Herbal medicine with traditional use;
• Terapeutic units for clinical studies;
• Other: medical devices, food supplements, dietary supplements, samples, cosmetics.

Type of drugs:
Sterile medications:
• liquid dosage forms - high volume (infusions)
• liquid dosage forms - small volumes (injections, eye drops)
• semisolid dosage forms (ointments)

Non-sterile medications:
• liquid dosage forms (solutions, syrups, suspensions)
• semisolid dosage forms (creams, ointments, gels)
• solid dosage forms (tablets, coated tablets, capsules)


Nova Farm warehouse is located in a dedicated building: ground floor storage of human drugs use about 200 m2/ 800 m3, and the first floor for staff offices. Storage area is organized according to the rules recommended by EU compliance with the correct flow for personal and drugs.

The warehouse is equipped with a climate system which monitor temperature and humidity, in accordance with national and international good practice in the drugs distribution. Products are stored in conditions of controlled temperature (range 150°C - 250°C or 20°C - 80°C) and constant relative humidity (max. 60 +5%), recorded 24h/day, 7 days/week Security is provided by contract with the security agency which monitor alarm system against theft, smoke and fire.